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Bicycle Fitting Services

Experience the Improvement

If you want to feel better and perform better on every ride, we can help. At Trek Bicycle Store West Phoenix, we offer Trek Precision Fit services, including 2D and 3D Motion Capture. Our fit specialists will work with you to learn about your cycling goals and preferences, and will then use your off-bike and on-bike data and our expert analysis to dial your bike fit.

Save 50% on any professional bike fit with the purchase of a new bike! Contact us today to learn more. 

Our Fit Packages

Whether you've been experiencing some discomfort on your bike or you're looking for an increase in power to help you crush your competition, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. We're happy to discuss your options and recommend a fit package that best meets your cycling needs.

Fit Options:

TT Fit Options:

Standard Bike Fit - $250

Standard TT Fit - $300

3D MoCap Bike Fit - $350

3D MoCap TT Fit - $400

Our Fit Studio

We have a designated area within our store with our Trek Precision Fit size cycle and Motion Capture System set up for your convenience. Contact us to schedule your fit today, and one of our fit specialists will be ready to ensure that your next ride and every ride is comfortable and efficient. 

Fit Studio
Fit Studio