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Electra Bicycles

Way To Roll

There's a lot that keeps Electra, an independent bike company for 25 years, thriving. In addition to having some pretty sweet bikes, they also have a basic outlook on life that everything can always be made better. Cooler. Awesomer. They're innovators and artists at heart. They're a forward-facing company. Always looking for the next place to ride. The next innovation. The next sunny day. Not only is it more fun that way, but it’s helped them stay on the leading edge of the industry. 

Take their patented Flat Foot Technology®. They dared to re-engineer the sacred bike frame geometry of yore and ended up with a more comfortable, easier-to-control ride. Go figure. While riding is their passion, they've always believed that their brand is as much about the people who ride the bikes as it is the bikes themselves.

Go Cruising

From the best selling bike in the US, the Townie, to lightweight, technically advanced electric-assist bikes, Electra has a model for you. Learn more about the bikes and visit us today to go for a test spin.