New Store Construction Pics

Below is the construction timeline showing the construction (latest updates at the top).

Awnings and front signage are done and store is complete!

Front and side awnings going up (4/6/18):

Paint/flooring done (3/25/18):

Entry drive concrete and back fence completed (3/19/18):

Exterior signage is going up! (3/6/18):

Interior ceiling and wall paint is complete (2/25/18):

Curbing going in, drywall mudding, and exterior paint done (2/5/18):

Interstate pylon signage is up (1/26/18):

Fresh concrete is looking good! (1/23/18):

Drywall is going up inside and preliminary concrete work started outside (1/17/18):

Stucco is done (1/9/18):

Exterior and interior insulation getting installed (12/23/2017):

Windows are in and exterior block is going up as well (12/4/2017):

Tons of progress lately!  Exterior walls, interior framework, air ducts, and roof!  (11/26/2017):

Side beams are going up now too (11/3/2017):

Framework going up! (10/27/2017):

Steel beams for framework are starting to arrive (10/23/2017):

Concrete has been poured!  (9/22/2017):

Water and sewer pipes are in on shop site (9/7/2017):

Piping and pad being dug (8/21/2017):

Land is all clear (8/7/2017):

Banner is up (7/31/2017):

Temp construction fencing going up (7/30/2017):


Clearing the land (7/22/2017):

Closed on land and loan docs (6/30/2017)!!: